Knock, knock. Who cares? or: How I learned to stop worrying and love ignoring people at my door (CBC)

This is one of my favourite pieces that I wrote for CBC. It was about the fact that I don’t answer my door. Hilariously, I did answer the door to a mailman after this was published, because I saw him coming up the walk. I opened the door and he looked at me for a second and said, “Hey — you’re that guy that doesn’t open his door!” So, I guess I’m known for something.

I also laugh at the main picture from the article (taken by Chanss Lagadan/CBC), which we reused for several more of my CBC comedy/opinion pieces. Because apparently, the best portrayal of me is cynical guy peering out the window at all the creeps out there. Anyway, I had a blast writing this and I’m forever indebted to the Mothercorp for publishing these comedy/opinion essays. They are a blast to write and they often get national traction. Enjoy!

These days, if someone knocks without having sent a text or called first, it generally means they want to sell you something, take something from you, or both. All of them want to wake up my baby daughter while she’s napping.

Craig Silliphant

Craig Silliphant is a D-level celebrity with delusions of grandeur. A writer, editor, critic, creative director, broadcaster, and occasional filmmaker, his thoughts have appeared on radio, television, in print, and on the web. He is a juror on the Polaris Music Prize and the Juno Awards. He has written two books; a non-fiction book about Saskatoon's music scene, Exile Off Main St, and a book of short stories called Nothing You Do Matters. He's a husband and father who loves living in Saskatoon. He has horrible night terrors and apocalyptic dreams.

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