The Bear Captures a New Side of Restaurants in Season 2 (from

I didn’t write this article, but I was interviewed for it as a pop culture critic, former dining critic, and guy that worked in restaurants when I was a teenage dirtbag. The article was written by Jenna Benchetrit (from CBC in Toronto), who wanted to take a look at the hit show The Bear and how it relates to the business, drama, and great food of real restaurants.

It also features a few other voices; cookbook author, former pastry chef, and former food critic for the Montreal Gazatte, Lesley Chesterman; Toronto line cook, Grace Onasanya; and rock n’ roll chef and one of The Bear’s producers, Matty Matheson. Enjoy!

“If you open all the fridges on the set, they were ready to make salad, sandwiches, all the things on the actual menu. You don’t even really see it, but the menu out in The Beef was prepped every day. So then the actors actually could pull out [ingredients] and make a mortadella sandwich, they could make a Greek salad, they could do anything that they needed to do.”

Matty Matheson (who in addition to his behind-the-scenes roles, plays handyman and family friend Neil Fak on the series).

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