Nothing You Do Matters: Tony Interviews Craig

This is an excerpt from and episode of Punch TV, a show that I do with some friends, including Tony Antonuk. In this clip, Tony interviews me at Peryton Books in Saskatoon, about my latest release, a book of short stories called ‘Nothing You Do Matters.’

Craig Silliphant

Craig Silliphant is a D-level celebrity with delusions of grandeur. A writer, editor, critic, creative director, broadcaster, and occasional filmmaker, his thoughts have appeared on radio, television, in print, and on the web. He is a juror on the Polaris Music Prize and the Juno Awards. He has written two books; a non-fiction book about Saskatoon's music scene, Exile Off Main St, and a book of short stories called Nothing You Do Matters. He's a husband and father who loves living in Saskatoon. He has horrible night terrors and apocalyptic dreams.

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